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Locust Hill Farm is an Angus and Hereford seedstock producer whose focus is on raising cattle with exceptional eye appeal and the production for continuous success. Our motto is “Quality from the ground up.”

The key to a building that stands the test of time, is a solid foundation and a well build structure. The same is true for a productive Cow. She must start with a good foot, udder structure and skeletal design. Her EPDs are a tool that is utilized to ensure that she will produce cattle that will make a profit. At Locust Hill Farm we understand that the commercial cattleman is the foundation for the industry, We as seedstock producers must strive to provide the genetic base for their success. We do this by developing sound functional Bulls and replacement females. This is why we not only focus on producing purebred cattle, but always sell and maintain a few F1 crossed females. We believe in their hybrid vigor and their maternal strength in the cattle business.

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” Benjamin Franklin

We look forward to working with both purebred and commercial producers to continually improve the industry, our chosen breeds, our relationship with our customers and most of all the cattle.

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