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Locust Hill Jackson M116K
Registration Number: 17484142 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
Sire: Dameron First Class
Dam: Whitestone Erica Z011

We purchased into ownership of Dameron First Class and also his Flush Brother Best in Class. “Jackson” was out of a cow that we purchased from Whitestone. She did well with her first calf and we thought that the mating to First Class would be good. As First Class passed his semen has gotten considerably more valuable and we have been blessed that Jackson has been such a great bull for us. We have shown a few of his calves successfully and they have style and appeal. His calves are easy to spot as they come high out of their shoulder and exhibit class and ease of movement. Jackson has made great impact in our herd and we plan on looking forward to even more success with his prodigy.

44 Angus Valley 5406
Registration Number: 18250382 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
Sire: Angus Valley 1867
Dam: BHR Jilt 0722 326

Due to injury we lost one of our alltime great Herd sires that we used on heifers. When LHF Rango L115J was injured we were absolutely heart broken. We searched long and hard to find a herd sire that contained the right set of balanced EPDs and calving ease and had the structure, muscle and freedom of movement necessary to make good cows. The amount of muscle stacked onto a good skeletal design is what first attracted us to this Angus Valley son. He is clean fronted and still very much a Bull. He moves freely on a good foot. The bottom side of the pedigree is stacked with maternal traits and we look forward to seeing many prodigy hit the ground sired by this bull.

LHF Patton 100W C92 ET
Registration Number: 43712454 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
Sire: NJW 73S M326 Trust 100W
Dam: NJW 03T 44U Maryellen 210X

Patton joined the sire battery at the beginning of 2017. We had every intention of selling him. Out of the most influential cow in our Hereford herd, he is everything you can ask for in a herd sire. Packed with muscle in his lower quarter and he still has a good length of stride. Cool and calm in his temperament he is one of the best Trust 100W sons we have produced. Patton is very athletic in his build with a strong set of EPDS that will only add value to our herd and we look forward to offering his offspring to add value to yours.

Boyd Crossroads 3031
Registration Number: 17545400 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
Sire: EXAR Classen 1422B
Dam: Boyd Abigale 0001

Crossroads was our selection out from Boyd Beef Cattle. Having utilized Boyd genetics in both our Angus and Hereford herd Crossroads was a natural choice for us. He is a very attractive bull and he has sired cattle that follow in his footsteps. They have a ton of capacity and are attractive in their make. Offspring have had a tone of growth and the females have made great front pasture cattle. The spring of rib with a strong skeletal design make for some attractive mommas. The Abigale side of the pedigree has strong maternal strength and we look forward to seeing his influence for generations to come.

Dameron Best In Class
Registration Number: 18170479 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
Sire: EXG RS First Rate S903 R3
Dam: Dameron Northern Miss 3114

Having purchased into Dameron First Class in Denver and the success that we have had with him despite his unfortunate passing he felt we needed to find the best Full Brother we could. Best in Class came around and after having seen him and his movement, we could help but jump in. his first set of calves have hit the ground running and we look forward to seeing the same type and kind his brother produced. So far they have been high out of their shoulder, clean fronted and exhibited the necessary growth to make exceptional cattle. Best in Class has length and muscle combined with a relative calving ease that will only add value.


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