Locust Hill Rita G20

Registration Number: 19669762

This Tour of Duty daughter has a lot of things to like. Extremely long fronted and soft middled, this is a heifer you notice out in the field. Study her pedigree - there is plenty of maternal performance there, and she offers a balanced EPD profile to go along with that.

This heifer is halterbroke, and would make a good first project for someone starting out - she is a quiet as they come, and always the first one in the barn in the morning.


Locust Hill Blackcap G26

Registration Number: 1966220

If you are looking for a powerful, productive heifer backed by generations of proven performance and maternal strength, you’re going to want to take a look at this girl. Sired by Locust Hill Farm’s senior Angus herd sire, an Angus Valley son, and out of a line of cows that just doesn’t miss, this heifer will work in a lot of different programs. Big middled, square hipped and sounds on her feet and legs, this is one of those “no holes” kind of heifers.


LHF Miss Widget D019 10Y G5

Registration Number: P43994843

If we had a field full of heifers that looked like this girl, we would consider it a good thing. The massive rib shape and belly, top and quarter this heifer carries has impressed us from day one. She is a little more moderate in her frame size, but that just makes her more efficient to feed, and easier to maintain. Combine all that with a well balanced EPD profile, and this girl is one to take a look at.

G5 is halter broke, but where she will excel is in the field as a cow, producing that next generation.


LHF Miss Widget 196X C92 G22

Registration Number: P44118108

Good, productive, solid cows is what we strive for at the end of the day, and that is exactly what this heifer should turn into. Sired by our senior Hereford herd sire, who is a Trust 100W son, and out of a Ned and Jan Ward bred cow that has consistently produced good calves for us, this heifer is backed by generations of solid maternal performance. 

Her dam is the grandam of G05 who is selling as Lot 14, which should give you an idea of the type of calves this girl can produce.

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